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    Chào các bạn,

    Orenj Hà Nội là một công ty phần mềm của Úc tại Việt Nam. Hiện nay, chúng tôi cần tuyển 01 bạn Front-End Developer với thông tin cụ thể như sau. Các bạn trên diễn đàn quan tâm thì gửi CV trực tiếp về cho mình theo địa chỉ employment@orenjtechnology.com hoặc hangphamthimai@orenj.com nhé. Cảm ơn các bạn nhiều.

    Job Details
    • Job Title: Front End Developer (HTML/CSS)
    • Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Salary: Competitive
    • Job Type: Full-Time, Permanent
    • Responsible for planning, processing and performing all front end development jobs in an efficient manner with no assistance from supervisor/manager;
    • Work align with Graphic Designers to finish website interface, by cutting CSS and HTML;
    • Ensure all design and documentation complies to company and industry standards;
    • Keep up-to-date with industry innovations, trends, and techniques;
    • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
    • At least 2+ years of experience in HTML, CSS, Jquery (knowledge in HTML5/CSS3 is a big plus)
    • Experience with responsive design and mobile web, using CSS framework (Boostrap,etc).
    • Basic Photoshop, AI skills.
    • Experience with cross-browser, optimization techniques and developer tools (debugger, console and inspector).
    • Knowledge of Web UI/UX.
    • Our benefits includes:
      1. - Attractive salary and bonus package
      2. - Orenj-Gras Savoya Healthcare insurance plan for all employees.
      3. - Annual company Staff Retreat package.
      4. - Being a part of a competent team in an international company with a strong growth potential.

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