[HCM - KMS Technology] Senior PHP / Senior Front-end / Senior Mobile Developer

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    KMS Technology is looking for suitable candidates of below positions (Job Description is included in the links):
    *Why you would love working at KMS Technology?
    - Top 6 Employer in IT Industry with great working environment
    - Attractive salary and benefits
    - Onsite opportunities: short-term and long-term assignments in The United States of America
    - Premium healthcare insurance (provided by AON this year) for you and your loved ones
    - Various trainings on hot-trend technologies, best practices and soft skills
    - And many more

    *How to apply

    If you're interested in above positions, please do not hesitate to send us your English resume via our email career@kms-technology.com.
    Visit this link for more information about all jobs opening at KMS: http://www.kms-technology.com/current-openings.html

    In case you are not ready to apply this time but know some of your friends matching skills (applied to all opening positions), introduce him/her now to get referral bonus!

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