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    For example, if you drive home from a trip home in the evening, imagine that you are visiting your road for the first time. Look around as if you were in a strange city. This exercise makes you free and awake internally, trains your attention and concentration and is very entertaining by the way. Pay attention to others - maybe your neighbor has a DermaC new blouse? Does a stranger smile on the bus? Watch children as they capture the world around them. We can learn a lot from their spontaneous curiosity. Write down three things every evening that you found to be particularly beautiful that day. This can be a bloom, a color, dew on a spider web that sparkled in the morning sun, or a friendly smile. Writing down helps you to collect inwardly and to condition yourself positively. Maybe it will be hard at first to remember nice little things. But those who are mindful will experience something positive every day. SUNDAY - MOVING EFFECTIVELY Concentrate on your body and relax it with special exercises. The Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh has developed a whole series of "mindful movements". With them one should perceive oneself and one's body, heart and spirit, but also the world around one consciously.

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