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    All features you need to build a job board
    It contains full functions to operate a Job site featuring tools to manage jobs, resumes, applications and subscriptions. If you are looking for a big Job site like Monster, CareerBuilder; a niche job listing like TechCrunch or just a job ads on your company site, JA Jobboard is an ideal match.
    Build a job board in minutes, not in months
    You install JA Job Board just easily and quickly like any Joomla component. With configurable administration and well-structured work flow, monitoring your own job board becomes a simple task, even you are a novice to Joomla!
    Stable performance, open for scalability
    JA Jobboard is the most open-end platform that enables flexible customization to create your own look & feel (Demo with JA Purity, JA Edenite, JA Teline II). Default forms, fields, email templates, languages, payment plugins etc., are all changeable. No matter what numbers of jobs, smart cache technology will ensure your Job Board to be in balance.
    JA Job Board features

    • Employers: Post & Manage Jobs, Payment, Search Resumes, Receive & Track applicants
    • Job Seeker: Post & Manage Resumes, Search & View Jobs, Apply & Track applications
    • Job Board Management: User groups, Job postings, Subscriptions, Fee plans, Discount, SEO, Plugins etc.,
    • Multi Language support
    • Email Customization: Full set of email templates, multi language email, advance email sending options
    • Design & Layout Customization: Templates, Themes, CSS, Forms customization
    • Addons: modules Top Employers, Top viewed Jobs, Featured Jobs, Recently viewed Jobs
    • Payment plugins: Default Paypal, extended with other 3rd payment plugins
    More info: JA Job Board - Joomla recruitment solution
    Live Demo: Welcome to the Frontpage
    Download: CrazyPreview: Full JA Job Board - Joomla recruitment solution
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    Mirror 2
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