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    Increase very slightly calorie intake compared to maintenance Increase the protein without increasing the caloric intake Doing that both increases exactly brings what the body needs. Power supply in ground if the calorie intake is too low, the body will not be able to build muscle (except extreme cases like beginners or obese practitioners). If the intake is slightly too StamiMax important, the gain of the muscle will be accompanied by a more or less important fat intake. As it is impossible to know exactly what the body needs, and to maximize the chances of making the muscle, it is advisable to eat more than its needs, so to gain a gain, which will gain muscle, but also fat. So building dry muscle, making a 100% dry mass gain is almost impossible. It's more of a marketing argument of supplement sellers than a reality. And so, we also realize that it is not possible to take the muscle at the same time (except in special cases) because they are two completely opposite states for your body. One must therefore one after the other: muscle growth THEN loss of fat. Limit fat intake Limit fat intake during muscle gain, and even if it is not possible to make a dry mass, it is possible to limit the intake of fat:

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